What is a Computer?
>> The computer is a programmable electronic device to accept data, process data, store data and display meaningful information.

DATA: Data is a raw material of information.
INFORMATION: Proper collection of the data is called information.

Characteristics of a computer:

In general, no human being can compete in solving complex computations faster than a computer.

Since the computer is programmed, so whatever input we give it gives accurate results.

The computer can store mass storage of data with the appropriate format.

The computer can work for hours without any break and creating an error.

We can use a computer to perform completely different types of work at the same time.

It can remember data for us.

The computer doesn’t work without instruction.

The computer doesn’t have emotions, feelings, experience, knowledge

Applications areas of computer

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Hospital
  • Business
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Transportation

Computer and its components

CPU: It is the heart and mind of the computer, without this unit computer unable to process.

Keyboard: This is an input device that is used to input the data into the computer.

Mouse: This is also an input device that is used to input the data into the computer.

Monitor: This is an output device that is used to display the results of instructions.

Types of Computer

PC: It is a single-user computer system, having a moderately powerful microprocessor.

Workstation: It is also a single user computer system, similar to a personal computer, however it has a powerful microprocessor.

Minicomputer: It is a multiuser computer system capable of supporting hundreds of users simultaneously.

Mainframe computer: It is a multiuser computer system capable of supporting about five hundred users simultaneously. Software technology is different from a mini-computer.

Supercomputer: It is an extremely fast computer, which can execute hundreds of millions of instructions per second.

Block Diagram of computer

Computer Hardware
Hardware represents the physical and tangible components of a computer or The components that can be seen and touched.

Example of a Computer Hardware

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Cpu

Input Devices
Those devices which provide or give data to the computer system.
Ex: Mouse, keyboard, joystick, microphone, trackball, graphic tablet, etc,

Output Device
Those devices which display or provide information from the computer.
Ex: Monitors, Speaker, Printer, etc

Operating System
An operating system is a system that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

A computer file is a computer resource for recording data discretely in a computer storage device. Just in words can be written to paper, so can information be written to a computer file.

A folder also called a directory has a special space used to store files, other folders, and shortcuts in a computer.

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